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Application Information for Prospective International Students
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Application Information for Prospective International Students

I. Eligibility

1、Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens in good health, at the age of 18 or above for degree applicants, no age limitation for non-degree students, and posses a valid and private passport.

2、Educational Background

1) No academic background requirement for applicants for non-degree programs.

2) Applicants for undergraduate programs must have senior high school certificate with good academic performance;

3) Applicants for master degree programs must have bachelor degree or above;

(Note: Applicants who have not yet graduated can obtain a pre-graduation letter from their current educational institution stating their expected date of graduation. If accepted, applicant is required to provide the original graduation certificate upon registration. Otherwise, the acceptance qualification will be cancelled.)


II. Application Period

Spring (Beginning of March) and autumn (Beginning of September) entry for all non-degree programs’ students;

Autumn entry only for degree programs’ students.

Application Time: Dec. 1, 2015- Jan. 31, 2016 for spring entry students;

               Jan. 1, 2015- Jun 20, 2016 for autumn entry students;


III. Academic Calendar

Spring semester: Early March - Middle of July

Autumn semester: Early September - Next January


IV. Application Procedures

1、Please fill in the Application Form for International Students at http://english.sdjtu.edu.cn/articles/ch02136/201211/5a995a8b-b108-481e-9a5a-5076a7a38114.shtml

2、Photo Page of Passport (Passport must be valid and of ordinary type);

3、Proof of High School Graduation/Pre-graduation Letter;

4、Official High School Transcript;

5、A Letter of Recommendation from High School;

6、Personal Statement (for degree applicants only, in Chinese or English);

7、Proof of Language Proficiency (if applicable);

8、Please send us the full package of the required application documents by email or mail.

University Web Page: www.sdjtu.edu.cn

Email: may80687476@163.com

Contact Person: Ms. May, 0086-138 5310 3269, 0086-531-8068 7476

Mail Address: School of Foreign Languages

           Shandong Jiaotong University

           5001, Haitang Rd,

           Changqing, Jinan, 250357

           Shandong Province



9、All applicants will receive notification of their application status by emails. Applicants will get an acknowledgment email within 1 week after we receive the documents.

10、Successful applicants shall pay the registration fee RMB 400 Yuan and Visa Application Form 202 fee RMB 100 Yuan to the University Recruitment Referral within 1 week, and upon the receipt of the registration fee and the fee for Form 202, we will send Admission Notice and Form 202 to you by courtier within 2 weeks.



VI. Costs & Fees

11、Registration: RMB 400 Yuan

12、Form 202 for Visa Application: RMB 100 Yuan

13、Accommodation: Two students can share a room with two beds, each costing RMB 6,000 Yuan a year, which consists of a bathroom, a shower and an air-conditioner. Public kitchen and laundry room are available.

14、Physical Check-up upon Arrival: RMB 400-500 Yuan (subject to the actual amount incurred)

15、Textbooks: RMB 300 Yuan (subject to the actual amount incurred)

16、Other self-paid programs: food (about RMB 500 Yuan for a month food expenses), cell phone communication, Wifi, water & electricity, pick-up service at Beijing or Jinan Airport, or Jinan Railway Station, etc.

17、Medical Insurance Premium:RMB 600-800 Yuan/year

18、(Note:According to regulation of Ministry of Education, all international students must be covered by medical insurance plan throughout their entire planned period of study. Students are required to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students on the day of registration. Students who don’t have valid medical insurance will not be allowed to register.)


VII. Visa

Students who are admitted must apply for study type of visa at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in home country with the Admissions Notice and JW202 form. International students who will study in China for less than 6 months should apply for “X2” type of visa. Students who will study in China for over 6 months are required to obtain “X1” type of Visa, which will only be valid for 30 days after your arrival in China. We will help you to apply for a Residence Permit within 30days in order to obtain a legal stay in China.


VIII. Scholarship

Top 10% Students with good academic performance can be waived 30% of the next year’s tuition fee.



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